About Us


HRS provides on & off-site HR Services to suit customers’ requirements and strategic objectives. We help to manage and maintain a specific or whole HR functions, this ensures that organizations can realize benefits listed below:

  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Better control costs and realize cost saving
  • Achieve compliance allow for time to focus on core business
  • Achieve rightsizing headcount reduction or minimize staffing fluctuations
  • Job evaluations & enrichment
  • Access to HR expertise and capability that does not exist internally

Whether you are establishing a new HR department or need to extend its role in enhancing performance on the existing HR function, we have the capability and expertise to take your organization to new heights.

Our Vision

To work for all professionals and businesses to utilize their full potential
To provide HR Services to every SMME’S to achieve their best with professionals

We believe that HR Services is the platform for professionals & companies to grow & gain competitive advantage integrate and utilize their full potential.

We are an HR company that aims to align and achieve your business objectives. Simply put, we are HR that works!   

Our Experties

Recruitment & Selection
Training & Development
Compensation & Benefits
Perfromance Management

Strengths of our tream

    • HR that works- Simplicity is our core principle towards achieving greatness;
    • Our personnel provides a variety of HR & Payroll Services to suit any company size; industry and budgetary requirements;
    • Achieve consistency and compliance for your business;
    • Enrich your brand as employer;
    • We provide quality and professional HR services, we do not compromise;
    • Complete HR outsource function ensuring operational excellence and cost effectiveness;
    • Trained and qualified HR personnel;

Our Team

Habib ur Rehman

Developed, Upgraded & Implemented HR systems in different organizations. More than thirteen years experience in different industries including Pharmaceuticals, Textile & Electronics etc.

Isra Mustafa

Energetic HR enterprenure working in Egypt for different indistries & institutions, Specialists in HR System Design.

Shahid Munir

Seasonal HR Professional with more than 13 years experience serving top tire organizations in Pakistan, Textile, Retail & Service industries.

Farhan Shabbir

Assistant Professor (Visiting) at Institute Of Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab, CEO & Founder at Innovation World. Proudly working with Unesco, Gulf Property and banking sector in Pakistan




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