Online Test Management

What is Online Test Management?


It is an online examination / test system which help companies / institutions to build custom online tests to evaluate candidates or students to participate in online test from anywhere in the world in specific date and time. Test types include but not limited to the followingsOnline Test

    • Intelligence quotient (IQ Tests)
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ Tests)
    • Technical Tests
    • GMAT
    • Behavioral Interview Questions


Our Method

    • Identify business / institute requirements
        • Online Test type needed
        • Identify Target users
        • Decide test level
    • Collect questionnaire & key / technical information
    • Get user information & email IDs
    • Build online Test
    • Register Users
    • Schedule online test date & time
    • Invite Users (by email) as per schedule
    • Conduct online tests
    • Share results with concern officials

Why do you need online test?

Institution / Company’s success is the result of individual’s performance. Effective selection of candidates is directly linked with company / institution’s performance. Above mentioned tests will help you to take right decision about your company’s future. 
Following benefits can be obtained by conducting online evaluation system

    • Reliability & Security
    • Cost and Time saving
    • Fare & Instant evaluation
    • Paper free working environment






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